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Customer Case

Project of 1000pcs collapsible bottle

12 Jul 2017 -

We had received inquire from cutomer from England in 10th June  2016 and told urgently need 1000pcs collapsible bottles. Once we got the message we reply at once and confirm the detailed parameters(color,material,pattern and logo,etc) of collapsible bottle with the customer,and send some collapsible bottles we made before. Of course we got the reply from the customer at once and confirm all the parameters. As in first email the customer told the collapsible bottles need urgently. In fact this time is much tight for except 7 days for delivery then there just had 4 days.


Then we confirm the production department. Actually it just 1 or 2 days for handcraft.Just it need take some time for prepare the order like make mold,confirm the collapsible bottle sample,etc.

We know the customer really need perfect collapsible bottles urgently and as supplier we need try our best to help the customer solve the problem.After discussing with our engineers and 3D designer about this project and they have offered me many professional advice.I had collected all the information and make a detailed file to the customer, And it just 2 days to confirm whole details for the collapsible bottle.As the time is much tight and once got the deposit(30%) we arrange production at once. We produced 5 kinds of collapsible bottle parts by sincere cooperation between departments,and unified assembly overtime.

collapsible water bottle mold
collapsible bottle production

On 15th June  2016 we send collapsible bottle picture to the customer before shipping.And once the customer see the picture and told” you are the best and professional.Thanks so much for all your help”.

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