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Customer Case

A silicone/pvc luggage tag order

13 Jul 2017 -
Attracted by our quality:The customer add me on skype ,and then I introduce our company and send our official website(www.siliconecarkeycover.com) to him.So he learn our main products-silicone car accessories,and interested in silicone/pvc luggage tag. The customer put the product quality in the first place. High quality is always an important indicator of the development of our company.
silicone pvc luggage tag samples.JPG
silicone pvc luggage tag sample.JPG

Hard to get this order:When we learned that The customer has received silicone/pvc luggage tag samples from 6 competitors, we immediately provided the sample as a color and quality reference."Seeing is believing",I am quite sure that you will have no doubt that we will be your long-term supplier after receiving the sample.“Despite the relative lack of price advantage, we believe that we have everything you are seeking. We trust your eyes, and we will insist on our traditional strengths.”I said to The customer.After three rounds negotiation for the price, and finally  reach the order.


The products process:Achieving an order is just a beginning, the next arranging schedule, production, quality inspection, packaging, transportation, all the staff need to cooperate.As a sale,we need to do is to follow closely every process and timely feedback to the customer.In terms of quality, it is very difficult to emboss print on silicone/pvc luggage tag, some glue is not good and need to re production. Reflect the description of the situation to The customer, he agreed to postpone the delivery two days after reflecting this to customer. We finally deliver the goods at the end of the time with high quality.
The after sales: When the customer had received the goods, we will ask for his suggestion about  the product quantity, quality, design, color, transportation,etc.And discuss all his suggestion on the regular meeting.

Adhereing to the high product quality and attentive after-sales service,We get more and more customer's trust from all over the world, I believe that our company will always keep these traditional advantages all the way forward.Welcome your silicone products OEM order.

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