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Customer Case

A order of 800 pcs steering wheel covers so soon?

13 Jul 2017 -

In 6.September,a customer in America sent an inquiry that he want to purchase 800 pcs steering wheel covers, and only 3 days we have to delivery.

steering wheel covers

Although this order is urgent,but we were confident to do it well because we have 10 years of experience in producing silicone products,and we have adequate quality products. So I chose several products according to his requestion and took pictures to him detailedly.the customer quickly learned the advantages of our steering wheel cover through the pictures,and he confirm the products after communicated a lot of details.We got the order easily!

silicone steering wheel covers

Why did we get this order of steering wheel covers so soon? This customer had customized several other silicone products and visited our factory.Our awesome service and professional quality touched him.We will do better and better.You only need to provide sample photos or your idea, we will make samples for you freely!
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