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Do you want to wholesale wholesale Honda car key cover 3 buttons?

14 Jun 2017 -
Honda car key cover 3 buttons description:
1.This is just a soft silicone Key Cover,protecting the Honda keys from scratch and dust,and Keeping the key beautiful for long time.There is no interior(remote/electronics/transponder chips) inside.
2.It can be used for several different years and models.As the follow:
2010 Honda Civic
2010 Honda CR-V
2010 Honda Insight
2010 Honda Ridgeline
2009 Honda Accord
2009 Honda Civic
2009 Honda CR-V
2009 Honda Ridgeline
2008 Honda Accord
2008 Honda Civic
2008 Honda CR-V
2008 Honda Ridgeline
2007 Honda Accord
2007 Honda CR-V
2007 Honda Ridgeline
2006 Honda Accord
2006 Honda CR-V
2006 Honda Ridgeline
2005 Honda Accord
wholesale Honda car key cover 3 buttons,soft silicone and rubber
8 Features:
1. Each item have been tested before leaving our factory.
2. Perfect fit for the Honda car key and make the key more beautiful.
3. Produced by high quality silicone material and meticulously crafted.
5. Size:49mm(L)x11mm(W) weight:12g
6. There are 16 kinds of colors for choosing.
7. There are 2 kinds of production process for choosing,embossed process or debossed process.
8. 3 buttons (lock/unlock/panic)

Important Note:All the Honda car key covers 3 buttons are from our own factory,supply 10000 pieces/day with all kinds of colors. And if our website is not key cover which you want to wholesale, you also can custom the key cover by our sales.
+86-755-28307750,[email protected]
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